Free Bible Verse Wallpaper

How to use desktop wallpaper with Windows

Here is a step-by-step tutorial for using wallpapers on this website with Windows. These instructions pertain to Internet Explorer 6 and Windows XP, but should be substantially the same for other browsers or versions of Windows.

1. Determine your screen resolution.

Right-click an empty area of your desktop, and select Properties.

Desktop wallpaper tutorial 1

Then click the Settings tab.

Desktop wallpaper tutorial 2

Your screen resolution is shown in the circled area.

2. Download a suitable graphic for your new wallpaper.

For this example, we'll download the Matthew 24:35 space/Earth graphic. One each page for each graphic, there is a list of available resolutions. Pick the one closest to your screen resolution, and right-click it, then select Save target as...

Desktop wallpaper tutorial 3

The save dialog will appear. You should save the graphic to a location you can remember. Here we'll use the standard My Pictures Windows folder.

Desktop wallpaper tutorial 4

Be sure to remember the name of the file -- in this case, it's mt24-35-1600x1200.jpg. Click Save. When the download is complete (this can take a few minutes if you are on a dialup connection), click the Close button, and then you can move to the next step.

3. Set your new wallpaper!

As in the first step, right-click an empty area of your desktop and select Properties.

Desktop wallpaper tutorial 5

This time, click the Desktop tab. Then click Browse.

Desktop wallpaper tutorial 6

After you click Browse, Windows will ask you for the file to set as the desktop wallpaper. You may need to navigate to the correct location. Once you find the graphic you downloaded, select it and click Open.

Desktop wallpaper tutorial 7

Finally, you can click Okay and your wallpaper is set. Note that if your download file does not exactly match your screen resolution, you should select Stretch for the Position type.

Desktop wallpaper tutorial 8

Your wallpaper is set!

Desktop wallpaper tutorial 9